Saturday, November 16, 2013

Get to Know Stainmaster

Here at Flacks Flooring we have a number of Stainmaster® carpets in our vast carpet selection. We wouldn’t be much of a carpet source without them! Stainmaster® is such a recognizable carpet brand that its name has achieved almost Kleenex-like status. Just as the word “Kleenex” might refer to any old square of tissue, people might throw out the name “Stainmaster” to refer to any stain-resistant carpet. But there’s more to the Stainmaster® name than stain resistance. There’s also style, durability and comfort to speak of. If you’re thinking of going with Stainmaster® in a room you’re re-carpeting, you should know all your options (as there are quite a few of them) and what their advantages are.

There are certain advantages that come along with every variety of Stainmaster® carpet. The first, obviously, is the stain resistance. It’s true that their carpets resist stains and generally stay cleaner longer. This is because of what they like to call their “LotusFX Fiber Shield technology” and what we just call their fiber technology. The type of nylon they use to spin into carpet fibers keeps its shape and repels dirt and debris better than natural fibers, not to mention many other weaker nylons. Typically, a Stainmaster® carpet can stay looking new longer thanks to this carefully engineered fiber.

Whether your primary carpet concern is durability, fade resistance, texture or cleanliness, your friends at Flacks Flooring have the perfect match to meet your needs… and it just might be Stainmaster®.

Let’s first discuss their Pet Protect line. The Pet Protect system resists pet stains and is dyed to be color safe so that even powerful cleansers won’t cause discoloring. The density of the carpet fibers makes it easy to vacuum up dog fur and cat hair. When combined with a Stainmaster® carpet pad, this product can even reduce carpet-bound pet odors.

If you love to let the light in but fear fading, Solar Max might be the carpet for you. This is a fairly new innovation that resists fading even in intense sunlight.

Some people don’t think stain resistance and softness can go together but that’s far from true. Tru Soft is one of our favorite Stainmaster® products. It’s their softest carpet by far which makes it great for family rooms where you might want to hang out on the floor.  

One final Stainmaster® carpet line we love is the Active Family line. It’s designed for the most chaotic of homes and can stand just about anything. It’s also exceptionally durable and easy to clean.

Get to Know Stainmaster

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